A big sky pilgrim

I can understand now how myths are created
He walked among us, yes
and the mishaps and misconceptions
were steps taken lightly
show a retrospective wisdom

What remains now
is all that is worthy of him and us
we are a community of worshipers

Simple things,
those big, gentle hugs, warm and enveloping
his open laugh and playfulness
the way he truly revered the best in others
We all awoke to that touch

He was here among us, roaming wide
in all four directions. In full abandon to the world
A big sky pilgrim
gazing out from rocky bluffs, wandering the woods
he loved, the mountain passes, streams and rocks
breathing with little laps of waves at the shore

And in the secret journeys of heart and mind
sacred labyrinths of meaning
seeking, delighting, discovering

Once, in a dream, long ago,
he sang into a large burnished pot
resonated into the deep well of my being
became a memory, a person I cherish

And in his passing, in that final glance of knowing
realizing fully the world of love
he took us all on a journey
like a pied piper
with a sound so sweet that
the child within each of us responded, followed
knowing in that place
was a profound beauty
freedom and joy, laughter

The sound still pulls at my heart, a deep yearning
but he is gone
and we are left behind to tell the story
of a wonderful being we were blessed to know
who honoured the best in all of us

For Rients, December, 2008