who are these flowers?


in a luminous opal
gathered close
they took root in my heart
and smiled patiently
as i opened the book
read all the accounts
i had been storing there

for just such a moment

and as the circle grew
each of us happy
and somewhat incredulous,
sighed deeply
heralded the jewelled visage of night
affirmed and nodded our consent
as the warmth of a gentle light
moved before us on the journey
this way and that
until we reached the road
and saw there edifying signs
erected for just such occasions

And managing to find shelter
on cavernous rugged climbs
and even on sunlit afternoons
clouds in regal puffs of white
above us

how we luxuriated in the
presence of angels
and whirling dervishes
the chants of lament and
of new snows, ultimate liberations

the journey drew us in
without knowing it we were waiting
– what would happen?
gathered here
from flowering fields
for just a brief while

and yet all things must pass
and so it is

but here
we dropped seeds,
produced bulbs
laid down networks of roots

from which will pop up

a live of flowers
in a lovely bunch

for susan, nov. 8, 2007.