Who is this tulku who travels
as a simple monk to answer our prayers?
His profound journey brings ancient truths
remembered as an act of service
as a path of liberation

Kept safe in the land of snows
now scattered to the wind,
teachings and teachers have arrived
to remind us of impermanence –
that emptiness is fullness
How fortunate we are to travel again
the road of dharma, and to meet
such a dear friend on the path
Lama, you are a blessing!
We have longed for the teachings
like thirsty creatures in a desert.
Now with devotion we prostrate
to the jewel of dharma
you carry so carefully

In the diamond light of wisdom
we find relief from the travails of samsara
Rinpoche, may your life be long and fruitful
And may the clear light continue to radiate
in your words and countenance
spreading the nectar of dharma to all that you meet.

written for Lama Phurbu Tashi
May 4, 2013, Annapolis, MD