Homage To An Old Friend

The screen is black
and in the left-hand corner
a little bar of light
flickers an SOS
Another crash, my friend?
Ah, we’re getting old! Aren’t we, you and I?
We’ve thought too much, said too much
Time to fade to black
Time to start up anew
from the rich source of
our encrypted wisdom

How long has it been now?
We were full of such promise!
Oh, our circuits still fire in ecstasy,
but the hardware…the hardware is wearing out…
I suppose it is unavoidable
our planned obsolescence, to make way
for everything new

Well, we’ve had our problems
But it’s satisfying to know
that we’ve always worked it out somehow
You have stood by me
and I feel I should say
that it has been quite good
having you here

Its not something one thinks of
until the end is near
But, perhaps we can still squeeze in
a bit more fun
for all the good times?
and hang in there a little longer,
because it’s hard to say goodbye

But just in case …
thanks for the memories.

July 7, 2005