In the Living

This afternoon, sitting on the bus,
passing Pacific Spirit Park
I saw my life reflected
in the energies of the land
Being sustained by a vital force of nature
wild and fluid
full of mysteries, deep secrets
told only to the soul
in moments of astonished wonder

Some deep telling of Being
that is the one true marker
of all that I have lived

And in this moment
passing this marker
I look back on life and love
and all that has shaped me
and through it all
runs this same thread, this
river of all that is
passing, passing
living, living
Towards home

Like some ancient traveler
I have made my way
through the paths of
the heart and the mind
to find this one place
that has always waited to receive me.

Tonight I will set a place for myself
to be an honoured guest
Here for just a brief moment in time
in the living.

Vancouver, March 17th, 2000