How I long to return to the black earth
Pulsing with the flood of the Nile
Where the beetle gathers its dung
To sustain birth in death

Here the quiet knowledge of life
is written where all can see,
but few can decipher

How I long to go where the Pharaoh
is cradled by the wings of Horus
Who whispers to him
Four golden shaabti will guard the viscera of your life
and your spirit shall rise again.
A beatific vision to nurture the heart of a people

I weep as I sit by the river of memory
The golden light of Life Divine
Oh Egypt, how they plundered you!
The remnants of your ancient wonders
buried in the shifting, hermetic sands of time
are now dull by comparison

How you once shone with the brilliance of 19 Suns!
The Light of the ancient world.