The nakedness of age

Aging bodies, once so unappealing
sent a shiver up my back
to see the crepe flesh, the withering
spine and stance
Now they appear so beautifully endearing
as I grow into life and my own body

I once sought the flesh of youth
was overcome by the enamour
of manhood in its vigour
the beauty of women I aspired
to be like, glowing alluring
Now I am moved by the concealed
messages of older bodies
When you age, you can read them,
their mysteries revealed

As each heart has many stories to tell
I like the look of old flesh
the softness of its wisdom
its beauty like a well-worn glove
that has served us well

Then one day
lost in the snow
our well-lived-lives hail
into tiny little particles that
call us home in nakedness and wonder

June 2011. Annapolis, MD