What’s in a name?

Some men never have
held in their arms
the peace and luminous beauty
of a woman fully loved

They have other agendas
of torture
or perhaps less sinister,
also less loving
plans of acquiring
from her
something they steal
in order to possess

Some men never have had
and are driven to becoming
Of these,
some are
rehabilitated by Love

Well, after all those years of asking
“What do women want?”
My dear, you see
we really are
not so different

Love is the answer
for the question that never waited.
.. Love is always the answer

Jan 10, 2006

NOTE BY MARAIBA: Despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, I have not been able to answer… the great question that has never been answered: what does a woman want? Freud.
This poem is not in answer to Sigmund Freud, but in the early days of the women’s movement, many media (men) often asked the same question. This question has stayed with me. After reading the poetry of Irving Layton, and something he wrote about his wife (reference), I reflected on the often tortured relationships between men and women and wrote this poem